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Generally, acupuncture for acute diseases can be treated successfully with a few treatments.  Chronic problems which have taken years to develop take a little longer. Acupuncture and oriental medicine is compatible with other systems of health care.  Please advise us of other systems or medications you are currently using.

Experienced Professional

Alaskan born, Jayne Sontag, L.Ac. graduated from the South West Acupuncture College in 1995 as a licensed acupuncturist and has been treating Alaskans ever since.Her education also includes an internship in Quingdau China which focused on scalp acupuncture. Continuing education keeps her up to date on all the latest treatments.    


Acupuncture (8 Principal)

Acupuncture is an ancient medicine.  It has been relied upon for centuries and is still used presently with modern allopathic medicine by its side.    Acupuncture brings your body into balance and encourages optimal health by releasing blocked areas/qi which relieves pain and opens energy channels.   


Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbalists use a very sophisticated medical system to create formulas, that are void of most side effects.   Many of the formulas have been around for centuries and are still used today.  

NAET - Nambudripads' Allergy Elimination

NAETS, Nambudripads' Allergy Elimination Technique, involves a treatment using homeopathic vials, muscle testing and acupuncture.  See for further information.


Additional therapeutic treatments

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